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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Wishful thinking...

Tau apa yang paling kubutuhkan saat ini?

Berbaring diatas lembutnya pasir putih
Berserah menatap ke atas
Mendengar nyanyian ombak di malam kelam
Menyaksikan indahnya taburan bintang di langit malam

Melupakan semua yang menjadi belenggu
Menikmati kebebasan yang singkat.

Impian indah yang sulit kuwujudkan.
Aku sendiri yang mempersulitnya
Tak berani berkutik tuk merubah.

Sekali lagi... hanya mampu berkeluh kesah, tak mampu berteriak, tak mampu berkutik, hanya dapat mengikuti perjalanan waktu...

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Nice Ending Holiday!

After Jakarta, we visited Bandung Center City of West Java. Unfortunatelly i've juz seen a small part of it. Bandung has a cool fresh air, like Batu. But It has a lot of Factory Outlet and Distros. Distro = a small boutique which creating their own brand.

We've met Om Yanto's Family there, and Meita, his only daughter, is willing to be our guide in Bandung... Hemmmm she's really know about her home town a lot!!! I wonder how she's can remember all the roads, the history, the land of Bandung. That day, Sunday, Oct 21st, I think i've brooke my record, I've visited 5-6 Distro in 3hours! Great! Lucky me and Raymond to have Arthur and Meita as the tour guide! Then, about 2pm, we juz have to say goodbye to all...

Hemmm the road back home is not bad at all! Infact, i really enjoy it! The weather is not hot at all, infact, the light rain keep the temperature in cool degress. We using the north road, people said it was the short path to Surabaya. So it supposed to be save our time a lot.

Once again we stayed a night at Nirwana Hotel. On the next morning, we feel need to visit 2 area of "Pasar Pekalongan". And passing Semarang to buy more gifts.... My Sister just can't missed the change to buy Pia Bayi, Moaci Cookies, Loenpia, and "Kacang Presto"! Can u imagine someone would buy 8kilos of Kacang Presto? And can u imagine how full was our car ????!!!

Hahaha... My dad also give me the chance to taken pictures of Tuban Beach. Uhhh... I love my gathering with the whole family....! hemmm... nice...! Then.... after the long journey... I've finnaly arrived home On Monday at 10pm, and finnally get some rest at 1am in the morning! Fiuhhhh... It is a quite nice ending for my journey!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Metro City!

Last Saturday I left home with many thoughts about the face of metropolis city, Jakarta City. I go with my mom, dad my brother, my sister n her husband. We left Surabaya at 9am, a big late coz we've planned to go at 6am. Anyway, the journey begin....! Then after a while, we juz realized that the AC is still broken! Yaicqs!!! And here we are on the sauna again!!! I've juz trying to forget the sauna by sms-ing some of my friends...! It helped me a little, but not for long!

We finnally arrived at Semarang, and mom juz need to stopped to the ATM and the "Toko Juwana" to buy some gifts. We've finnally check in on Nirwana Hotel in Pekalongan at 4.30pm. We had a chance to see "batik Pekalongan". But I can't find anything special until find the "Yoko trousers"! cool! and funky, but my sister and brother juz need buy those all three cool trousers! and left me behind. Hey!!! I'm the one who find it first!!!

We juz finnaly arrived to my cousin's house at 3pm. fiuh....FINALLY ! After a really long and hot sauna! And finnally i've met Tt. Shin, Ari, Ci Cilla, and Beben of course! Also met Kiki - the parrot, Howie - the Golden Retriever, Sutan - the terrier. Lovely home mate right :)!!! We spend our first 4 days in Jakarta for shooping at the Taman Anggrek Mall, Kelapa Gading Mall, Ratu Plaza, Plaza Senayan, ITC Mangga 2.

I've also go to "Puncak". It is a huge Botanical Tea Garden. Beautiful. I've tasted a holland berry there. Seeing the view from Puncak Pass. But I cannot find the peace there, coz it was to crowded. Too many cars, a long traffic jam, and less hours to spend. But i like the air. It is fresh, it is cool, it is nice! But it can be more great if there's less car pollution! The traffic jam really ruin everything!

I've also go to Anyer! The Carita Beach! I've seen several kind of fishes, craps, shrimps, shells, and other sea things! Beauty of course, but once again, i feel the human ego! Too much pollution, to much of human interferring in the natural lifes! I really enjoying that beach!

Finnally I've seen it. I see Jakarta. I see people...a lot. I see the malls, and I see that is a really busy town with full of entertainment, but there just too much people in that town! Enjoy it? I don't think so... Too many traffic jam!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2004


ingin lari tak tau kemana
mencari suatu hal yang tak pasti
mengejar impian akan masa depan
harap ada sesuatu yang indah akan menanti

FRIEND: don't worry too much,you'll not know what happen in the future

FRIEND: ketahuilah bahwa sampai akhir hayatmu, slalu ada tumpukan pekerjaan yg tdk akan terselesaikan di agendamu (kutipan dr buku being happy)

FRIEND: cia you! bok bete yo. I'm sure u'll have a bright future ok. Keep in good shape yee...

It's really nice to know someone there concern about you, understand and willing to cheer u up.... it's really nice to have a lot of friends to be share with... It really help when you're down... I'm just very lucky to have friends like you, guys...!!!

Monday, November 08, 2004

Paleothea Quizz!

for female:
for male:

I am the Artemis....

She is a strong protectress, aware of her own power - and not likely to let anyone take it from her. Artemis, endowed with the precociosity of all the gods, sat on Zeus' knee not long after her birth and demanded of him a long list of things: 50 lop-eared hounds, 50 wood nymph followers, a silver bow with painless silver arrows, and his word to never force her into marriage.

So... have you try it? Who r u ?

Ke Kebun Teh

Perjalanan hash dibatalkan semalam sebelumnya... kecewa??? iya asline.......
Jadinya ke Kebun Teh, salah satu tempat berlibur yang udah bertahun2 yang lalu dalam daftar kunjungan tapi baru kejadian kemarin. Pergi ama Coolz, Juz, Bo, Jon, Yendy, Gbus n Pyor. Seru ??? Iyalahhhh.... Apalagi pas Jon nyetir pulang dr Lawang. Udah ujan deres, AC mobil soak abiz, kaca mobil pada ngembun semua, sampe ga keliatan jalanannya. Aku suka ujan, soalnya hawanya biasanya dingin, tapi terjebak di dalam mobil itu, serasa terjebak di dalam kotak sabun yang pengap dan lembab!!! Anyway.... mungkin hr itu emang bukan mood yang baik.... Aga' aga' lemes, engga mood jalan, bosen n cape campur jadi satu. Heran ya... ada apa dengan Vanie???

Pengalaman yang menyenangkan hari itu.... hemmm aku suka berbaring di atas rumput sambil menengadah menatap langit....!!! Cieeee puitis nih yeeee... hehehe... but it is the truth! Aku juga suka ngasih makan burung kakak tua yang ada di sana, jadi inget ama Kiki, kakak tua kesayangan Om Rudi. Di sana ada juga burung kasuari yang kayaknya lagi terluka, ada 1 ekor rusa jantan yang nampaknya, tanduknya sengaja dipatahkan..., ada juga bebek putih, elang, nuri dll.... hemmmm satu persamaan mereka.... semuanya terlihat sangat sangat mengenaskan karena kurang kasih sayang n kebebasan....!!!

Love the sky coz it high and blue
Love the mountain by its greeness
Love the sea for its mystery
Where will be my next journey?

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Sleepy Sleepy Night!!!

Ga tau udah keberapa kalinya aku menguap, bosen bosen, cape n ngantuk buangettt! Like before... juz hoping someone can wake me up... juz like the prince wake snow white from her dream world. Oo... not with a big punch on my face....!!! It won't wake me up, juz make me fell down unconcious!!! thanx Nyo 4 the offer, rather not!

Dream a lot these days... wishing that the time can go back, wishing to have more time, think about my future. Few years from now.... What will i be?
Hemmm few years ago someone told me that i'm not born to be just an ordinary woman. My Place is with HIM. Hard to believe. Can I? Should I? How can I ??? I used to think about it, since i was a little girl, but right now.... I'm just to affraid to admit it, to affraid to do it, to affraid to try and there's hundreds more other reason to deny it.

Hemmm that is my mystery today... can solve it my self. Just need page to write my feelings...