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Monday, August 30, 2004


Fiuh... Pre-chan really makes me crazy about Gundam! I like Gundam Seed a lot! Cagali is really a cool girl! hehehe.. can u imagine if i be Cagali ??? Hehehe...!!! I'm Riding a giant GUNDAM!
I'm still watching another episodes of Gundam these days. The Gundam Wing. The story have nothing to do with the Gundam Seed, but i think it is a great story too. Well it is not finish yet, you know... it is becoz my double work, but i'm sure i can finish it soon!
Oh ya... i've got a wonderful surprise from Mexx!! They gave me 2 free voucher @Rp. 50rb. hahaha... so i can borrow more anime... for FREE!!!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Dinny's Night

She is my idol when i was at the high school. I never talk to her, just like her coz her shinny face... and wondering can i be like her. So Dinny graduated from high school... never expect to see her again, but it did. I see her again! Suddenly she applied the job at the Alto, she applied here!!! I was really surprised to see her in front of the door! And she become my friend:)

Fiuh...... like it??? Of course... I like her even more....! She is really a adorable person. Nice person, smart and like music too... i watch my first orchestra with her ( the Twilight Orchestra)! Uhhh i just like her for the way she is!
But tonight, the altoers, most all of the excellogix crew make an farewell party... it is on the same package with Carla's Bday! Hem... there are some words from Vera n Freddy, also from Dinny.... huahhhh i almost cry....! i hate the farewell! i hate saying goodbye!

She gave each of us some words too. It wrote on a hand made card, her hand made! hemmm... she as for our impressions of her too... as reply... well... here it is, Din! Read It and You'll know it!
Uhhhhh... i hate saying goodbye... i really do! But it is your life... u have making a big decision... hope u can find a nice happy life there! hiks hiks.... bye bye dinny.....:(

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Ci Sin's Bday!

2day i go to the Dr Tunggal again. fiuh... could not stand with my skin! He made me wait for about 1n a half hour! I thought i won't be so long! and i've just asking permission 2 hours late to the office! yes of course i'm late! i'm late about 45 minutes! luckily it is Ci Sin Bday, so she in a very good mood today :) i like her when she's smile a lot! hehehe....
i showed her my rafting pictures and she looked at those pictures with a big smile. Hemmm it makes me feel pretty proud. Coz i think no other girls there ever done rafting before me. hehehehe....
Thanx 4 Ci Sin, I have a wonderful lunch, warm rice, Fu Yung Hai, Cap Cay n Ayam Goreng Mentega! Yippeeee! N she even add Galantin on the menu, but i bring it home 4 mom n dad :) hehehe... what a nice Head division! hahaha... Does everyone can be a nice head division by giving food to her/his man ??? hem........

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Cool Rafting!

Awalnya pengen tau, sekarang jadi pengen lagi!!! hehehe.... Rafting is really fun deh...!!! Abis banyak terancam batal, akhirnya kemarin jadi rafting juga! Me, Jus, Jon, Eren, Edwin, Iwan, Sinta n Mr Kumis. Seperahu diisi 6 orang, 4 org anggota group n 2 org anggota Songa!
Perahuku diisi Eren, Mr Kumis, Sinta, Mas Edi n Mr Jabrik. Awalnya semua peserta dibriefing dulu, doa dulu trus latian awal dulu, trus langsung cabut deh...!
Pertama2 masih kagok2 gitu deh, bingung cara megang dayung, bingung cara ndayungnya. Susah kompaknya jadi dayunge sering kebentuk2 gitu pokoke. hehehe. Mungkin karena Musim kemarau, makanya jeramnya jadi kurang serem, setidaknya engga seserem yang ada dibayanganku. Tapi tetep ae seneng! Soalnya Mas Edi ama Mr Jabrik pada iseng, hobinya ngebalikin perahu n ngebasahin orang! hehehe, jadi berkesan gitu! Sempet juga lompat dari atas jembatan! Keren bo'!!! Cool abizzz! Aku aja lompat sampe 2 kali! hihihi....Rasane jantung sek ketinggalan di jembatan deh tiap kali lompat!
Total jeram ada 32 kalo ga salah! Jeram yang paling serem seharusnya GODBLESS! tapi mungkin karena musim kemarau, jadinya kurang serem juga... hehehe.... Pokoke ntar kapan gitu mau nyoba seng pas musim ujan! Pasti lebih seru yahhhh!!!... kali itu harusnya Yendy n arek alto lainne isa ikutan juga yahhhh! I really hope so....!