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Friday, October 21, 2005

Being complicated ??! Again ???!

I am a very complicated woman. Think about very much unnecessary things. Ehhhmmm..... is it really all unnecessary ? Let's see..... I need to think where I want to go before I sit on my car coz I need to find the most efficient way to spend my gasoline. I need to think how long will it takes to reach someplaces so I can make an appoinment schedule.

I need to think about what I can do while I'm supposed to wait for someone or something. I need to make sure that my schedule, my friend, my family will be okay. I know there will be a lot of x things that cannot be change by me. But I just need to make sure that I have planned it well. Too complicated ha ?

Hemmm... too many people just see things too easy lately. Just feeling a little tired of it. Why... why can't u think a little bit more forward ?

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