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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

An Unperfect Frame

Eren bday.... I have nothing to give him. I've made him failed cake and soes, and he said okay... but somehow I feel he's hoping something more :p.

So... I've took my second half day off yesterday. Finding a perfect nice frame for him. Ehmmm actually I was trying to find a perfect frame to decorating his new house - since he so delighted in filling the house with electronics and others.

First, I went to Sogo, I found a very nice frame. But there some scratch on the frame glass. Ughhh... so I walk all around TP and try to find anything that more nice and beautiful to replace tha frame from my mind. But,... none.

So... I bought the Unperfect Frame.

That night, I found a reason that my choice is right.

The frame is not perfect... like me.
It is not perfect and it only can be fix by turning back the time.
The frame can be protect from more damage... like me, like eren ^-^
The frame can be filled with the pictures of us.... like our heart.

Maybe tomorow I can find another reasons. But this reason is good enough for me right now :p.

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