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Monday, September 19, 2005

See What Happend when u don't Listen ???!!!

Huhhhh learning from the past... I've put my tripot in my car. In case of needing it in taking pictures. You never know right ???!

Yesterday, my niece is being "babtis". I know about my camera, and I know how much we will need the tripot to get a nice pictures with my camera. Especially when u are an amateur. But than what ??? My mom and sis keep telling me "Buat apa? Buat apa? Ngapain pake tripot? Kesuwen, Ribet, blah blah blah...."

And know ?? See what happend. All of the pictures is blur. Arrrghhhh!!!!

Wes lahhh pokoke acara udah berjalan dengan baik, pokoke wes beres. walaupun gambar2nya jelek2, pokoke kan memory tetep tersimpan dalam pikiran qta. Ya toh ;)

my sis and my niece

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