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Monday, September 12, 2005

What Happened ???

Once i had a friend. The one who often sit beside me in class. Soooo naughty in class. Once I had a crush on him. Once I do silly things to get his attention. Last night.... after 12 years without any contact.... we met @ the Hypermart. Surprised me ok. Since I never thought that he will remember me.

We talk a little. He told me a bit about his job. How he's been doing these days...

Then... u know what ??? He called me this morning. At 00.15am. I'm so sleepy that night. But i get up my self to talk with the old friend. Who knows we can't meet again in the next view years, right?

He seems soooo desperate in seeing the meaning of "Marriage". It is so surprising me that he can think that every marriage will end up so bad. He told me about bad things in his life. He's been so negative about life. Hemmm I don't know what to say. Every words I say to him, trying to make him see a bright side or pasitive way to get some progrees in his job, but he juz keep going back to the negatif thought of his.

Sadly to know. That he turns to be like that kind of man.

I hope he's okay. I hope he can find a wonderful true love. I hope he can see his life from a different way. He is not a bad person at all. I hope he can think again about my words... everyone gotta make his own destiny. Any decision, any move... will make it's own future.

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often, words are nothing against bitter life.
yg penting, u did ur best 4 him, let God do the rest (kyk pesen kalo mau ngerjain ujian ya:D).

i can't say what he has to do, coz actually u already know it.
everybody has their own lesson to understand life and learn b a better person.

just pray 4 ur friend.

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